Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is an iconic bourbon cocktail created in the south during the 18th century. The mint julep was originally prescribed and appears in literature as early as 1784 “sickness at the stomach, with frequent retching, and, at times, the difficulty of swallowing. People are most familiar with it now being the signature drink …

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Whiskey Sour

The whiskey sour is a mixed drink containing whiskey (often bourbon) lemon juice, and simple syrup or sugar. The first printed record of the Whiskey Sour appears in 1862 in Jerry Thomas’ How to Mix Drinks, though the recipe likely dates back many years earlier. By 1870, this drink gained huge popularity that it was published in the Wisconsin newspaper, Waukesha …

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Whiskey Old Fashioned

One of the great classic bourbon cocktails, the Old Fashioned was invented in Louisville, KY. It was developed during the 19th century and given its name in the 1880s, making it a common go-to for people at bars, pubs, and restaurants all over the world. The old fashioned is a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, adding whiskey (rye …

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The whiskey-based Manhattan is one of five cocktails named for a New York City borough. The Manhattan was the most famous cocktail in the world shortly after it was invented in New York City’s Manhattan Club, some time around the 1870s. As the story goes, it was invented by Dr. Iain Marshall for a banquet …

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