Rusty Compass

This cocktail famously uses The Peat Monster from Compass Box Whiskey to provide the bold and smokey taste of scotch. It doubles down on the scotch with Drambuie, then rounds it off with bittersweetness from Cherry Heering Liqueur. INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 oz Scotch (preferably The Peat Monster) 3/4 oz Drambuie 1/2 oz Heering cherry liqueur Garnish: …

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This may be one of the simplest cocktails to make as it consists of Japanese Whiskey topped off with water. This Japanese drink revolves around an elaborate ritual that competes with tea ceremonies. Mizuwari’s meaning can be broken down in two ways; mizu means water and wari means cut. The ritual behind the drink is …

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Blue Blazer

The Blue Blazer cocktail was cooked up by the famous cocktail pioneer, Jerry Thomas, during the Gold Rush-era in San Francisco. In his 1862 “Bar-tenders Guide,” he describes it as a “blazing stream of liquid fire.” Most people compare it to a Hot Toddy. INGREDIENTS 4 oz Scotch 2 tsp Raw Sugar 3 oz Boiling …

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Atholl Brose

In Scotland, Atholl Brose is a traditional drink of Scotch whisky mixed with the liquid from soaking steel-cut oats, stirred with honey, and topped with lightly whipped cream. If there was a title for the ‘oldest cocktail in the world,’ there is a slight possibility that the winner is the Atholl Brose. It is commonly …

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Bobby Burns

The Bobby Burns cocktail is named after the Scottish poet Robert Burns. The original recipe comes from the 1900 edition of Fancy Drinks published by Bishop & Babcock where it is called the “Baby Burns”. It wasn’t until the 1920 cocktail book, Jack’s Manual, that the cocktail first appeared as The “Robert Burns.” In later publications, it starts …

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Blood & Sand

There are not many cocktails that use Scotch Whiskey, but the Blood and Sand cocktail is definitely a classic. It was named after Rudolph Valentino’s 1922 bullfighter movie Blood and Sand. The “blood” represents Heering cherry liqueur, and the “sand” is for the orange juice. The recipe is first known to have appeared in the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book. …

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Cameron’s Kick

Made with equal parts Irish and Scotch whiskey, this drink’s origin is attributed to Harry MacElhone’s 1922 book, Harry’s ABC of Making Cocktails. Cocktail historian David Wondrich is generally credited the drink’s revival in the mid-2000s. He first published the recipe in his 2005 book, Killer Cocktails (Harper Collins), which eventually landed it on cocktail menus across New …

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Drunk Uncle

The Drunk Uncle cocktail is another spin off a famous cocktail, the Negroni, but with a smokey twist. You swap the gin for scotch and the campari for Cynar, giving it a bittersweet taste. The drink was first created by a bartended named Shawn Soole, and first appeared in print through The Negroni: Drinking to …

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Rob Roy

The Rob Roy is a cocktail consisting primarily of scotch whiskey and vermouth, created in 1894 by a bartender at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, New York City. The drink was named in honor of the premiere of Rob Roy, an operetta. The Rob Roy cocktail is similar to a Manhattan, except with the use of Scotch Whiskey. INGREDIENTS 2 oz Scotch 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth 3 dashes Angostura bitters …

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Rusty Nail

Like many scotch cocktails, this doesn’t have many ingredients. Its main liqueur, Drambuie, however, is a must to make this. The Rusty Nail took a while to find its proper place in the world. The combination of Drambuie—the most distinguished of Scotch-based liqueurs—and the whiskey it’s made from are a natural one. the Rusty Nail is often …

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