Brandy Crusta

This cocktail has been credited to the famous bartender, Joseph Santini, who owned a bar called Jewel of the South in the vibrant city of New Orleans. A slight variation of this cocktail was first published in Jerry Thomas’ 1862 cocktail manual. A properly made Brandy Crusta calls for an evenly spread sugar rim. INGREDIENTS …

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Fish House Punch

The Fish House Punch is believed to be the first-ever punch concocted in 1732 at Philadelphia’s fishing club, the State in Schuylkill. In fact, America’s first president, George Washington, was known to be fond of a drink or two, and sometimes more. He indulged in thirteen toasts — one for each state — during a victory …

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Nightcap Cocktail Recipes

Brandy Fix

“Fixes” were popular in the 19th century before they fell into obscurity. Likely because many spirits began with a medicinal purpose in mind. Brandy was given to patients in the 19th and early 20th century as a means of cardiac stimulation. The liquor would increase cardiac output and raise one’s blood pressure. The only problem …

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Vieux Carré

The Vieux Carré was first introduced back in the 1930s at the iconic Carousel Bar in New Orleans. In 1937, it first appeared in print in How to Mix ‘Em and Famous New Orleans Drinks. Vieux Carré is the French term for what is now known as the French Quarter. Like many other drinks in …

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