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1 oz Dry Gin 1/2 oz St-Germain 1 oz Dry Vermouth Garnish: Olive

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London Mule

2 oz Gin 1/2 oz Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice 3 oz Ginger Beer Garnish: Lime Wheel

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Frenchie Negroni

3/4 oz Gin 3/4 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 3/4 oz Martini & Ross Riserva Speciale Bitter 3/4 oz Martini & Ross Riserva Speciale Rubino …

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The Casino Cocktail is essentially a spin on the Aviation cocktail with orange bitters instead of Crème de violette. The Casino, which appeared in Harry …

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If you’re a martini lover, then you’ll enjoy this twist on the classic Gin Martini. Although the name of the drink comes off morbid, and …

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Bitter Sweet Symphony

This recipe comes to you from Clyde Common, a bar in Portland and made by the bar’s manager, Jeffrey Morgenthaler. It’s a milder take on the …

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Remember the Alimony

This is one of the best of the modern sherry cocktails out there. The Remember the Alimony is reminiscent to a classic Negroni with the …

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This cocktail, as its name so closely resembles, is a small twist on the cosmopolitan cocktail and created by famous New York bartender Sasha Petraske, …

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A Quill is a lesser-known Negroni riff that takes the classic cocktail to the next level with a rinse of absinthe! The cocktail was created …

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Dark Side

Although a fairly unpopular cocktail since its creation in 2008 by bartender Adam Bernbach, this “minor classic” cocktail enjoys a reputation in Washington, D.C. It …

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Killer Queen

There are different variations out there of the Killer Queen cocktail with this version mixing gin with tart flavors of pomegranate juice with the woodsy …

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The Tuxedo

Since its inception in the 1880s, the Tuxedo Cocktail has had many variations. The earliest siting in publication comes from Harry Johnson’s Bartender Manual (1900). The …

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