Singapore Sling


The Singapore Sling is a gin-based sling cocktail from, you guessed it, Singapore. The Singapore sling has been documented as early as 1930 as a recipe in the Savoy Cocktail Book but believed to be developed sometime before 1915 by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon, who was working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, Singapore. It was initially called the gin sling – a sling was originally a North American drink that in its classic form, is made with sugar. The gin sling, attested from 1790, described a North American drink of gin that was flavored, sweetened, and served cold.


  • 1 1/2 oz Gin
  • 1/4 oz Grand Marnier
  • 1/2 oz Cherry Liqueur
  • 1/4 oz Benedictine Liqueur
  • 1 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1/2 oz Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • Dash of Bitters
  • Club Soda
  • Garnish: Fresh Pineapple


Add the gin, Grand Marnier, cherry liqueur, herbal liqueur, pineapple juice, lime juice and bitters into a shaker with ice and shake for 20-30 seconds or until well-chilled. Strain into a highball glass over fresh ice, and top with the club soda. Garnish with fresh pineapple slice.


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