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Hurricane Suzy

There are lots of ingredients to swirl up in this classic cocktail but a large portion of rum is the most important ingredient in a ...
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The Bushwacker is a cocktail invented in 1975 at the Ship’s Store, Sapphire Pub at Sapphire Village in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. It was created by bartender ...
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Spice 75

This is a sophisticated, aromatic twist on the classic French 75. Although a festive and boozy cocktail for the holidays, who doesn’t enjoy the joys ...
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If you’re a fan of the Bramble, then you will love this spin on the classic cocktail using Tequila instead of Gin. Start with tequila, ...
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The Bonpland comes from Jules Elkovich, a sommelier at Michael Jordan’s Steak House at Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort in Uncasville, Connecticut. The drink pays homage to ...
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Champagne Bowler

We found this recipe on the Spruce Eats. This wine cocktail dates to at least the 1930s and ’40s and uses both white wine and cognac topped ...
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B&B Cocktail

B&B stands for Bénédictine D.O.M. and Brandy. A B&B is often served on the rocks. Some drinkers prefer it straight up and others like it slightly warmer. The ...
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The Beautiful Cocktail

One of the most famous cocktails that make for the perfect “nightcap” is one known as the B&B cocktail which is simple as mixing two ...
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Morning Glory Fizz

From the name, it can be assumed this drink by late-1800s bartender Harry Johnson belongs in the canon of classic hair-of-the-dog hangover remedies. A potent ...
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Cognac 75

Ever since it was published in The Savoy Cocktail Book and infiltrated the top bars in Paris and New York, the French 75 has reigned as one ...
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A Quill is a lesser-known Negroni riff that takes the classic cocktail to the next level with a rinse of absinthe! The cocktail was created ...
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Dark Side

Although a fairly unpopular cocktail since its creation in 2008 by bartender Adam Bernbach, this “minor classic” cocktail enjoys a reputation in Washington, D.C. It ...
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