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Prescription Julep

There are countless rifts on Julep recipes, bu this adapted version is a favorite of cocktail historian David Wondrich, who calls it “the tastiest Mint Julep …

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Tom & Jerry

You don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy this lush cocktail. But you will need to prepare the Tom & Jerry batter, which …

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Cognac Caipirinha

Back in 2016, Remy Martin introduced this drink in honor of the 2016 summer games that were taking place in Brazil, putting a unique twist …

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Champagne Bowler

We found this recipe on the Spruce Eats. This wine cocktail dates to at least the 1930s and ’40s and uses both white wine and cognac topped …

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B&B Cocktail

B&B stands for Bénédictine D.O.M. and Brandy. A B&B is often served on the rocks. Some drinkers prefer it straight up and others like it slightly warmer. The …

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The Beautiful Cocktail

One of the most famous cocktails that make for the perfect “nightcap” is one known as the B&B cocktail which is simple as mixing two …

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Morning Glory Fizz

From the name, it can be assumed this drink by late-1800s bartender Harry Johnson belongs in the canon of classic hair-of-the-dog hangover remedies. A potent …

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Cognac 75

Ever since it was published in The Savoy Cocktail Book and infiltrated the top bars in Paris and New York, the French 75 has reigned as one …

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Nightcap Cocktail Recipes

Cognac Old Fashioned

Most people thinking of making an Old Fashioned cocktail reach for their bourbons and whiskeys but this variation using Cognac offers a softer touch than …

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Nightcap Cocktail Recipes

Classic Sidecar

The Classic Sidecar cocktail is the most popular cognac cocktail of all time. Its origination starts in the early 1900s, around WWI, and is a …

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Nightcap Cocktail Recipes

Royal Manhattan

The Royal Manhattan, a signature drink of Rémy Martin, is part of a collection of cocktails named after New York City’s five boroughs. Typically made …

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Widows Kiss

The first mention of the Widow’s Kiss is in the 1895 book Modern American Drinks by George Kappeler. Kappeler was the head bartender at Holland House, a …

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